Isn't it weird..

isn’t it weird that people bring cameras around,  snap the little button on the top and BAM! somewhere stored in this odd-shaped device is an image of that particular moment. how does this happen?


“Going out” for the night Involves “getting ready” and “pregaming” rituals beforehand and wearing certain “going out” outfits..then once you are out you act completely different then you would any other time you leave your house. ”

Trees, flowers, grass, bushes, plants are alive and they need nutrients to grow and then they shrivel and die. They have lives..

That is SOO smart. You’re birds!!

Colors are weird. There are different shades and hues and saturations that make up what we see and certain colors represent certain things/emotions/flavors.

ISNT IT WEIRD that 50 cent and Chelsea Handler are dating?? WTF.

US weekly-

That person lived in the same stomach you did and their face is shaped similarly to yours


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