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Isn’t it weird that while you drive you stare at the road and space out but still can make the turns and follow the road without thinking


you go to the eye doctor and get an eye exam. after looking through a little machine at an eye chart, you say what letters you can see. . . your prescription is then made. HUH? it gets WEIRDER… with that prescription  a small glass is created to be put in front of your eyeballs OR a miniature gel-like plasticy thing is made to be placed on your eyeball. and VOILA you now can see! YOU CAN EVEN GET COLORED ONES!

isn’t it weird that people bring cameras around,  snap the little button on the top and BAM! somewhere stored in this odd-shaped device is an image of that particular moment. how does this happen?

Colors are weird. There are different shades and hues and saturations that make up what we see and certain colors represent certain things/emotions/flavors.

That person lived in the same stomach you did and their face is shaped similarly to yours

why is it considered attractive to draw this black line on the bottom and top of our eyes and then paint our faces with creamy/powdery/liquidy stuff because this is considered pretty? huhh?

What is it? Its not particularly attractive…why do we like it?


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