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Strings that grow on your head that you cut, wash, brush, and style…wtf


Its weird how you have to rub your teeth with a brush and some gel everyday

Continuing with the same idea as the last post..

..How weird is it that when you’re sad or upset you start to cry and water comes out of your eyes?? And how come you can be sad without crying and sometimes cry at the randomest things like a tv show that you know isn’t real?.. Emotions are weird.

Isn’t it weird that when you’re really happy your mouth just automatically goes into the shape of a smile? Like what does being happy have to do with curving your lips up into that position? I love it


…just sayin

“Going out” for the night Involves “getting ready” and “pregaming” rituals beforehand and wearing certain “going out” outfits..then once you are out you act completely different then you would any other time you leave your house. ”

On a person’s birthday, you buy them an object, put paper around it, and give it to them and this shows you like them


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