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Trees, flowers, grass, bushes, plants are alive and they need nutrients to grow and then they shrivel and die. They have lives..


That is SOO smart. You’re birds!!

Isn’t it weird that at night or when you’re tired, you “go to sleep” and your body just lies there on a bed for hours and hours while your mind dreams of random things? And then in the morning you just “wake up” and come out of sleep and are rested..?

How weird is it that we are living on a planet that is shaped like a sphere? And this sphere is just floating in space? And someone who is on the other side of the world is standing upside down from us in a way… WHAT…?

Isn’t it weird that people choose certain animals to own and raise and live in their house?

Like there are a ton of animals living outside but we choose this specific one to live with us as a member of our family…

How weird is it that while you’re sleeping your mind is playing these stories in your head? Like you are subconsciously creating these bizarre little movies that play out in your head while you’re asleep…WHAT?

Isn’t it weird that everyone accepts how during pregnancy another human being lives inside of you and people do not think this is the strangest freaken thing ever?


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